Deciphering Metatron’s Cube: The Ultimate Guide

Metatrons Cube arch angel Metratrons cube The Conscious Vibe Sacred Geometry Ancient Symbols Deciphering Metatron's Cube: The Ultimate Guide

The first time you look at Metatron’s Cube, you intuitively feel something captivating about it. Something about it ‘furrows your brow‘ and captures your attention.

And similar to many ancient symbols , that’s the point. They’re uniquely captivating which may be why these symbols have survived thousands of years.

Metatron’s Cube is simple by design, yet complex in construction.

The symmetrically spaced circles, intersecting lines and precise angles in Metatron’s Cube are one-in-the-same to the mathematics that govern the physics of our known universe.

Where did Metatron’s Cube come from? What does this odd-looking shape mean? And how can we use the knowledge concealed in Metatron’s Cube to benefit us today?

In this article we explore expert knowledge and look back in history to find the origin, meaning, and symbolism behind the sacred geometric shape known as Metatron’s Cube.

Let’s Dive In.

What Is Metatron’s Cube? – Sacred Geometry & Symbolism Explained

Named after the Archangel Metatron, Metatron’s Cube is a sacred geometric shape constructed in its 2-dimensional form by inter-connecting all the circles from it’s ‘sister symbol’,  the fruit of life.

The fruit of life is nearly identical to Metatron’s cube, except with-out the line segments (just the circles).

metatron cube symbol Deciphering Metatron's Cube: The Ultimate Guide

In its 3D form, Metatron’s Cube takes the shape of a Merkaba, which is the 3D shape formed by two intersecting pyramids (more on that below).

Metatron’s Cube is quite unique, as within the boundaries of all the connected line segments, it contains every 2D shape that exists in the universe, and creates all five 3 dimensional platonic solids.

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Because of it’s simple, yet complex design, the 2D shape formed by Metrtron’s cube is known to help induce focus on meditation. And as legend has it, Metatron’s cube symbolically reminds us and helps to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Metatron’s Cube is a Symbol Of Creation –

With NASA’s Hubble and more recently the James Woods Space Telescope we can look back over 13.7 billion years ago to when the universe was first born or “created”. Scientists are not certain how the universe came to be, but we often refer to this event as the “big bang”.

Although science are unsure, the leading theory is that the universe started at a single point and has been expanding and evolving for the last 13.7 Billion years since.

Like all sacred geometric shapes, the roots of sacred symbols such as Metatron’s Cube are derived back to the symbolic creation of the universe.

metrtrons cube origin of the universe singular point of creation the conscious vibe Deciphering Metatron's Cube: The Ultimate Guide

The symbol of Metatron’s Cube is used to explain and symbolize this ‘birth-of-the-universe’ and it’s nature of infinitely expanding in all directions of time and space.

Much like the the leading theory of the birth of the universe, Metatron’s cube also starts with a singular point int he middle and then expands outwards.

It is believed that everything in the universe (galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, humans, plants, animals, DNA structures, atoms, electrons, and nano- particles) are all made up from the same fundamental elements, and follow the same fundamental mathematical ‘laws of nature and physics.

Those ‘mathematic laws’ and ‘principles of the universe’ that govern how everything works and interacts, are believed to be encompassed by the composition of Metatron’s Cube.

Metatron’s Cube And The Platonic Solids –

Platonic Solids are a key element of interest in the field of studying sacred geometry. Named for the Greek philosopher Plato, the ‘Platonic Solids’ are 3D shapes where each ‘side’ (or face) has the exact same shape and size.

platonic solid chart top Deciphering Metatron's Cube: The Ultimate Guide

There are five Platonic Solids and according to the Ancient Greeks, each one is associated with one of the 5 fundamental elements of the universe.

The 5 Platonic Solids –
  1. Tetrahedron: Four Triangle Faces Associated With Earth
  2. Cube: Six Square Faces Associated With Water
  3. Octahedron: Eight Triangle Faces Associated With Air
  4. Dodecahedron: Twelve Pentagram Faces Associated With Fire
  5. Icosahedron: Twenty Triangle Faces Associated With Spirit
How are the platonic solids related to Metatron’s Cube?

As we touched on above, something that makes Metatron’s cube unique, is that when its circles are connected by a series of straight lines, you can form all 5 Platonic Solids.

When looking at the symbol, it becomes easy to see how all lines, nodes, and circles are connected. it is said that this represents how all things in the universe are all connected. In a literal sense, you can also see how pulling on one string (or node), will pull on (and affect) everything else.

metatrons cube plutonic solids the conscious vibe Deciphering Metatron's Cube: The Ultimate Guide

Metatron’s Cube And The Number 13 –

the Metatron’s Cube symbol is formed by connecting intersecting lines through the 13 circles from which it is composed of

Before the lines are connected, the 13 circles start off as the symbol known as the “fruit of life”. The “Fruit of Life’ comes from the “flower of life”, which comes from the “egg of life”, which comes from the “seed of life”.

seed of life egg flower the conscious vibe Deciphering Metatron's Cube: The Ultimate Guide

All of these symbols are known as symbols of creation, symbols of the universe, and symbols of the fabric of the universe.

The 13 spheres that come together to form the base of Metatron’s Cube are believed to symbolically represent the 13 ‘planes of existence’, realms, dimensions, or frequency levels of the universe.

It is said that these 13 “levels” are present everywhere all the time, although we might not be aware or have access to all of them.

Who is Metatron ? – The Archangel of Empowerment

Who is this dude Metatron, and why is there a ‘cube’ named after him?

a14 1 Deciphering Metatron's Cube: The Ultimate Guide

Metatron is known today as a mythological ‘archangel’ or high-ranking angel from the book of Enoch.

Although exactly where Metatron came from, or where the name “Metatron” came from is mysterious and unknown to this day. In fact, there is not currently any “scholarly-consensus” about the origin of the name Metatron.

Many believe that Metatron could be gibberish, like other religious names such as “Adiriron” and “Dapdapiron”.  

Never-the-less about where the name originated, Metatron is commonly thought to be the “angel-form” of the biblical prophet Enoch.

As legend has it, once Enoch ascended into heaven he became Metatron, and was given the most-important role as the universal scribe. Metatron’s job was to keep record of all choices made in heaven and on earth in a universal archive. This archive of the universe is commonly referred to as either the “Book of Life”, or the “Akashic record”. 

Metatron has also been described as the guardian of heavenly secrets, and as God’s mediator with men.

The Archangel of Empowerment –

Metatron is known as the “Archangel of Empowerment” because he symbolically represents self-empowerment to a higher-level of consciousness.

bUDDHA vUITTON 2 Deciphering Metatron's Cube: The Ultimate Guide

Metatron and Positive Thought –

In biblical mythology it is said that when you have a sudden urge to change a ‘negative thought’, into a ‘positive thought’ it is because of the presence of Metatron. It is believed that, due to his status as scribe of the universe, Metatron understands the real world consequences of negative thoughts and therefor tries to advocate for positivity.

Metatron and The Cube –

How is this odd, yet captivating multi-dimensional shape connected to the Archangel Metatron?

As mythology has it, in early scriptures Metatron supposedly forms the cube from his soul, and uses it as a means of overseeing the balance, and flow of energy in the universe. The cube’s link to all shapes in the universe is said to represent all the patterns that make up everything in nature.

Although the exact dates are debated, Metatron’s cube was first formed sometime around the year 0 and the year 1,100. It’s more than likely that Metatron’s cube has its origin “”rooted”” (no-pun intended) in the symbolic “tree of life” symbol.

The “tree of life” is very similar to Metatron’s cube, and is also mentioned in the Jewish Kabbalah Texts. The tree of life stems from the “flower of life”, which dates all the way back to 645 BC.

Archangel Metatron’s Origin, History, And Appearance In Ancient Scriptures

yu9l7 bible intro Deciphering Metatron's Cube: The Ultimate Guide

It’s important to note that Metatron is NOT mentioned in the Bible, nor in the Torah, nor the Qur’an. Thus, he is largely considered either symbolic, mythological, or both.

The Babylonian Talmud –

Although Metatron is NOT associated with the Jewish religion, the first-time in written-history where Metatron’s name appears, is with-in three short passages of the Jewish text known as the Babylonian Talmud, written around the year 200 (about 1,800 years ago).

The Talmud” is a Hebrew word, and served as the centerpiece of Jewish cultural for Jews of the time.

Because his name was not mentioned in the “mainstream” religious texts of the time, the Archangel Metatron was considered (and still is) mythological or symbolic.

The Talmud was the first place Metatron’s name was written, but his notoriety is know to be passed down and verbally sourced from the mystical Kabbala texts.

The Kabbala Texts –

The Kabbala texts are an exclusive collection of both, oral, and written interpretations, by high authority Rabbi’s, on how the universe was created.

Because many of the interpretations were passed down verbally before they were ever known to be written down, the exact origin of the Kabbala texts are debated. However, there’s seems to be some consensus that they originated somewhere between the years 100 BC and the year 1,000 AD.

9798682679836 Deciphering Metatron's Cube: The Ultimate Guide

Kabbalists, as they’re called, believe that the Torah contains deeper interpretations, symbolism, and hidden truths, which only a “highly spiritually-developed” person can decrypt. These high-level discussions between Ancient Rabbi’s  lead to the belief that ‘The Torah’, is stored with symbolic inner-meanings which reveal a “blueprint for the creation of the universe”.

In the eyes of ancient Kabbalists, those who read the Bible & Torah literally, only understand either half-truths or complete falsehoods.

Some of the earliest Kabbala texts describe the “10 Sefirot” (or sources of energy) from which the universe flows.
These 10 Sefirot serve as the basis for the “tree of life” symbol which many believe is the original source of Metatron’s cube.

The 10 Sefirot –

Sefirot is a Hebrew word meaning ‘source to emanate from’ or ‘flow from’.

These 10 attributes/emanations described in Kabbalah texts, might be better described as “channels of divine creative life forces” or “levels of consciousness” through which the universe is revealed to mankind.

Deciphering Metatron's Cube: The Ultimate Guide

The original reference to the 10 sefirot is found in a specific part of the ancient Kabbalistic texts known as the “Sefer Yetzirah” or “The Book of Formation”.

The Sefer Yetzirah Texts –

The earliest known Jewish text on the cosmology of the universe is known as the Sefer Yetzira (AKA the “Book of Creation”).The “book of creation” is believed to have first appeared sometime between the year 300 BC and the year 200 AD.

According to the famous and well respected Rabbi Saadia Gaon, the objective of the book’s author was to convey in writing how the things of our universe came into existence, through a process involving the 10 divine numbers (sefirot).

To this day, modern scholars have not reached consensus on the book’s exact origins.

The Book of Enoch –

Metatron is also mentioned in the Book of Enoch which is also called “3 Enoch”.

the book of enoch Deciphering Metatron's Cube: The Ultimate Guide

It is in “3 Enoch” where the link between Enoch and his transformation into the angel Metatron is described.

The narrator of “3 Enoch”(thought to be the famous Rabbi Ishmael) describes Metatron in two ways. One, as a early-stage angle, and two, as the transformation of Enoch after he went to Heaven.

“Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.” —Genesis 5:24

What Can You Use Metatron’s Cube For In Your Daily Life?

Meditation –

Like most ancient symbols with sacred geometry, the Metatron Cube has a captivating nature that draws the eye.

a3ff3864fae0e33db2d334c8689ca77a Deciphering Metatron's Cube: The Ultimate Guide

It’s this captivating nature which is why Metatron’s Cube  is often used as a visual aid in meditation.

Simply by tracing the lines with your eyes across the pattern, it can help you to relax and clear the mind. The singular point in the middle focus’s energy toward your third eye (pituitary gland) which can create a feeling of being ‘at ease’.

It is believed that through meditating and focusing on the symbol by imagining it rotating clockwise, it will help rid your mind of “negative energy” and replace it with “positive energy”.

I personally practice meditating semi-frequently (every once-and a while) and using metatron’s cube as a crutch for visual meditation is definitely something I can see as effective. I’m not an expert in meditation, but even trying as a novice I can see that this could be a useful tool for meditation practices.

I might make it into a separate blog about my meditation experience using the cube at some pin in the future.

Final Thoughts: Metatron’s Cube

A Reminder of Perspective –

Whether or not you believe in any of the symbolic representations of Metatron’s Cube, at the very least the symbol serves as a reminder of something bigger than us. The vastness of the universe is so big and immense that it’s impossible for our human brains to even put it in perspective or fully understand.

Metatron’s cube is a reminder of positivity and the overall ‘bigger picture’ in life.

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