Are Vibes and Energy the Same ? (Frequencies Explained)

Good Vibes Great Life Are Vibes and Energy the Same ? (Frequencies Explained)

Good Vibes Only. I like your Energy. We’re on the same frequency. Are all of these sentences “more-or-less” the same ?

There’s no scientific answer, but it really depends on the context of the word. For example, are cars, vehicles, and transportation all the same?

It depends on the context. The words CAN be interchangeable, but they also all mean different things. The same is true for vibes, energy, and frequency.

In this article, we’ll break down the differences and look at why understanding “vibes”, “energy”, and “frequencies” can give you a serious advantage.

Let’s Dive In.

Vibes vs. Energy vs. Frequencies

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

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            Definition: Vibes describe a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others. Vibes is shorthand for vibration.

            Meaning: Vibes are an non-verbal means of communicating through sub-conscious feelings. Someone’s smile in a meeting might communicate “good vibes”, while someone standing in a dark alley with their arms crossed would likely give a gut-feeling of “negative vibes”.

If you’re having a bad day, or if you’re having a good day, you’re likely communicating that non-verbally to others with your general “vibe”. Often this is done sub-consciously with micro-expressions and though body language.


            Definition: Energy refers to the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

            Meaning: Energy and Vibes are often used interchangeably. In most context, the word “”energy”” can almost always be used as an alternative to the word ““vibe””.  However, the word “”vibe”” cannot always be used as an alternative to the word “”energy””

Energy can be used to describe someone’s vibe.

For example, they had a good vibe because they had high energy. Or they had a good vibe because of their low and relaxed energy.

Just like someone’s vibe, someone’s energy is something that is often communicated non-verbally and can be picked-up on and given off sub-consciously.

When someone says that they feel someone’s energy, they are picking up on non-verbal cues such as facial expression, tone-of-voice, and body language.


            Definition: Frequency is the rate at which a vibration occurs. Vibrations form in waves which can take many shapes from sound waves, to electromagnetic fields, to radio waves, light waves, and gravitational waves.

            Meaning: When someone describes a good or bad “”vibe”” they’re talking about a vibration. Different vibrations are measured in frequencies.

Frequencies are a way to measure different vibrations.

If you’re on the same “”frequency”” as someone, then you are both tuned-in to the same way of thinking, or the same thought pattern.

Some people believe that the human body naturally produces an aura of energy (called a torus field). The vibration and frequency of this aura of energy changes constantly depending on mood and emotional state.

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The Science of “Vibes” and How It Effects Our Well-being.

Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, vibes are all around you, part of you, and effecting you at all times.

Vibes In The Universe

It’s been long understood that everything recognizable on earth is built of matter.

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Matter is made from smaller molecules which are made from smaller yet atoms. Atoms are made from protons, electrons & neutrons, which are made from Neutrons. Neutrons are made from Quarks, and according to Einstein’s “string theory”, Quarks are made of vibrating ‘strings of energy’.

This is a bit tough to conceptualize, BUT…

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If “string theory” is correct, this would mean that the fundamental building blocks of everything on earth (and in the known universe) is comprised of different energy strings vibrating at different frequencies.

Vibes In The Body: Chemical Brain Responses To Human Emotions (Vibes)

Chemicals in our brain effect our mood. We’ve all heard about people taking medications for  chemical imbalances.

But do our brains chemicals DETERMINE our mood? OR, does our mood DETERMINE the chemicals in our brain?

This is a bit of a “chicken and egg” scenario. If you’re having a bad day, or if you lost your job 6 months ago and you’ve been depressed since, or if you just hit a home run then your dopamine levels will be very different.

What’s any of this have to do with vibes or frequencies? We’ll get to that.

Life can be tough, it’s not supposed to be as easy as it looks on Instagram. Often people with a “chemical brain imbalance” have an underlying root cause behind their emotional state.

According to, “”some people claim that these imbalances can cause mental health conditions. However, most research now refutes the chemical imbalance theory.””

This statement basically solves the “chicken and egg” problem and points the finger at your mood and emotions for being responsible for your brain chemicals, not the other way around.

Basically, your vibe can effect your internal brain chemistry.

To further illustrate this point, we know that stress and anxiety cause the body’s Endocrine System to produce the hormone cortisol. Studies have found that over time, cortisol has been found to reduce mental health

Vibes In The Brain: The “resonance theory of consciousness”

The science world has forever been asking, what is the relationship between mind and matter and consciousness.

Similar to string theory, the “resonance theory of consciousness” conceptualizes that vibrating frequencies are at the heart of human consciousness, animal consciousness, and even physical reality.

The theory states that all things in our universe are constantly in motion, vibrating. Obviously this would be at the nano-scale level of Quarks, Protons, and Atoms. Even objects that appear to be stationary are in fact vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at various different nano-scale frequencies.

The Conscious Vibe Human Brain Waves Chart 777x674 1 Are Vibes and Energy the Same ? (Frequencies Explained)

It is hypothesized that the brain can pick up on many of these frequencies sub-consciously.

Researchers know that works on multiple different brain wave frequencies. Specifically, gamma, theta and beta waves, which work together in the brain to produce various types of human consciousness.

Are Peoples Vibes Contagious ? Whose Vibes Are You Catching

Our Vibes, attitudes, emotional state, or current energy level are all physical representations of our internal emotional state. And sometimes we overcompensate.

In other words, our vibe is an outward reflection how we feel internally.

Are Vibes and Energy the Same ? (Frequencies Explained)

This would also includes our sub-conscious feelings that are often reflected in our ‘vibe’ (with-out us even being aware of it).

We reflects our emotional feeling non-verbally through body language and micro-expressions which are represented by our general “vibe”, which others can pick up on and absorb.

The reason attitudes are contagious is due to a chain reaction of emotional states.

Humans are emotional beings, and those who are consciously aware of their feelings, may be able to read others emotions better than they can themselves.

If someone holds the door open for you, then you’re more likely to hold the door open for the next guy. I’ve noticed this same pattern when letting someone into a line of traffic as well.

Your attitude affects how the people around you feel. It affects your family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers you come across in your daily activities.

How To Identify Positive and Negative Vibes in People

The easiest way to identify anything in someone else is to first identify it in yourself. The higher level of self-awareness you have, the more accurate you will be when trying to identify someone else’s vibe.

Positive Vibes vs. Negative Vibes

Most people operate on a spectrum of different vibes, moods and emotions. These lists below give some insight into what emotions you’re feeling and what vibes you’re giving off as a result.

You won’t have all positive traits, and you wont have all negative traits, but you’ll likely have more of one than the other. It’s important to recognize the root cause emotions behind your vibes, so hopefully these lists will help give you some insight on your average daily vibe.

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26 Signs That You Operate On A HIGHER Level Frequency of POSITIVE Energy

  1. You are self-aware (i.e. you are conscious of what you are saying, doing, thinking and feeling, as well as the effect this has on others).
  2. You are empathetic towards others needs and you make a habit of seeing through the eyes of other people.
  3. You are highly creative and are often bursting with ideas and inspiration.
  4. You are emotionally balanced.
  5. You have a great sense of humor towards life.
  6. You don’t take yourself too seriously.
  7. You regularly feel gratitude for what you have in life.
  8. Smiling and laughing comes easily to you.
  9. You are self-disciplined.
  10. You can delay pleasure if it does not serve you.
  11. You do not “need” anything to feel happy.
  12. You are in-tune with your body and its needs.
  13. You live in the present more than the past or future.
  14. Your body feels strong and healthy.
  15. You eat raw, unprocessed food.
  16. You try to keep your life clutter-free.
  17. You forgive yourself and other people easily.
  18. Opportunities and new doors spontaneously appear to you in life.
  19. Patience comes easily to you.
  20. You don’t feel the need to argue or compete with others
  21. You are open to many different types of people, ideas, beliefs and experiences in life.
  22. You feel confident in yourself and your abilities.
  23. You are attracted to profound, calming and inspirational music/movies/TV shows.
  24. You are highly intuitive.
  25. Other people easily open up to you.
  26. You often find yourself in the role of the counselor, peacemaker or teacher in friendships and relationships.

27 Signs That You Operate On A LOWER Level Frequency of NEGATIVE Energy

  1. You feel “stuck” or stranded in life, not knowing what to do next.
  2. You are emotionally distant.
  3. You are emotionally reactive.
  4. You struggle with constant fatigue and lack of energy
  5. You have a primarily self-centered view of the world.
  6. You often struggle with anxiety and desperation.
  7. You find it almost impossible to get “unstuck” from old habits.
  8. You feel physically unfit and unhealthy.
  9. You bottle up feelings such as resentment and jealousy.
  10. You find it hard to forgive yourself and other people.
  11. You suffer from a guilt complex
  12. You don’t really know what you want in life.
  13. You continue to make poor choices.
  14. You find it hard to see the beauty in life.
  15. You feel unfulfilled.
  16. Your connections with others constantly bring you pain.
  17. You are overly cynical and skeptical.
  18. You are argumentative.
  19. You complain a lot.
  20. You easily fall into victim-based mindsets.
  21. You self-sabotage (either consciously or sub-consciously)
  22. You focus primarily on the negative in life.
  23. You struggle to feel gratitude.
  24. You eat a lot of fatty or processed foods (e.g. meat, fast food, lollies).
  25. You are needy or demanding of others.
  26. You watch a lot of violent multimedia and/or listen to intense music with violent lyrics.
  27. You find it hard to make any real progress in life.

Conclusion: Vibes vs. Energy vs. Frequency

When many people hear of ‘vibes’, ‘energy’, or ‘frequency’ in relation to mood or emotions they automatically dismiss it as “”pseudo-science””.

But we know that emotions are real, we know that feelings are real and we know that, by-in-large, emotions effect brain chemistry (not the other way around).

We know that most communication is non-verbal, and we know that we feel ‘gut-feelings’ when around both positive and negative influences.

According to Einstein’s “string theory” and the “resonance theory of consciousness” this can all be explained by our brains ability to pick-up on nano-frequencies of energy which result in a general overarching “vibe”.

I’m a curious researcher, not a specific expert on quantum physics & theoretical models of consciousness, so let me know what you guys think about this article?

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