About Conscious Vibe

The Conscious Vibe is an independently owned website on a mission to explore what drives us on an individual level and on a societal level.

Our goal is to help cultivate a deeper curiosity and understanding for how the world really works.

With our platform we explore expert perspectives, opinions, and the latest science that’s driving us, our local communities, and global societies today.

All of our content is strictly reviewed, rooted in logical thinking, and the scientific approach to understanding what is true.

Flower Of Life version 1 Final outline Bronze 480pix About Conscious Vibe

1. Perspectives create a deeper understanding of Truth –

2. Truth is Knowledge –

3. and Knowledge is Power.

Conscious Vibe Founder – Kiel Jacob

Hi and thanks for reading !!

My goal with the Conscious Vibe is to share my curiosity FOR the world, WITH the world.

Kiel Jacob The Conscious Vibe Founder About Conscious Vibe

I get motivated by finding deep truths, new ideas, new perspectives, and new (more effective) ways of doing things.

As humans in the new age world of tech, in order to survive (and stay sane), we must overcome outside manipulation, personal biases, and become more open and adaptable to new (and more efficient) ways of life…. But in order to do that effectively, we as a society need to learn to work more efficiently together in the best interest of the most people.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read and visit the website.
If you have any feedback you’d like to share (good or bad) I’d love to hear it.

– Kiel & the Conscious Vibe Team