Flower Of Life Meaning – Origin & Symbolism

flower of life symbolism meaning symbolic definition consciousness ancient sacred the conscious vibe Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

The flower of life symbol is an ancient geometric symbol containing 19 overlapping circles, and has been confirmed to date back as far as 645 BC, when it was found in the Assyrian Palace of King Ashurbanipal, (known as the last great king of Assyria).

The flower of life was also found in the Ancient Egyptian temple of Osiris, and is said to contain a secret code that underpins the basic building blocks of life as we know it. The overlapping circles in the flower of life intersect to form the appearance of flower petals, thus the name flower of life.

But where did this symbol come from?

What does it really mean? What does it represent?

The flower of life is seen all over the place, from modern day yoga studios, to a variety of other ancient symbols (many of which contain elements of the flower of life).

In this article we’ll let our curiosity explore as we search for answers and seek expert opinions.

Let’s Dive In.

What Is The Meaning Of The Flower Of Life?

Th exact meaning of the flower of life is difficult to pin down, similar to the meaning of life itself. The symbol is very basic yet complex in nature. I’ve spent hours reading and researching for what this symbol means and most writings on the ancient symbol are pretty vague.

floweroflife Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

But when you take the average of all the expert analysis, the picture starts to become a little more clear on exactly what the flower of life symbol represents. Everything !

It has been theorized by many that the flower-of-life is believed to illustrate the universal concept that all life comes from a singular source (possible going back to the ‘big bang’).

The sole source of life within the ancient symbol is represented by the converging points that are centered within the circle in the middle of the pattern.

Many scholars also believe that there is a “secret symbol” hidden within the Flower of Life. This secret symbol is said to hold the “most significant and sacred patterns of the universe”.

The flower of life is believed to be a blueprint for all life, containing the fundamental patterns for everything in the universe from the smallest atoms to the largest galaxies. It is also a representation that everything is connected. Whether we have the technology to recognize or understand the connection is one thing, but ultimately our universe has more to tell than our collective consciousness as a civilization currently understands.

The Flower Of Life Geometry

Constructed simply from an array of overlapping circles, the flower of life contains complex mathematical formulas that are present throughout the universe, including the Fibinocci sequence, the golden ratio, the mathematical formula for pi, and even the formulas for musical scales.

The Flower Of Life Symbol In Stages

The Circle of Life –

500px Circle black simple.svg Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

The circle of life represents the process of transformation from life to death from one generation to the next. Because a circle has no end, it has long represented the concept of eternity and infinity.

Vesica Piscis –

Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

The Vesica Piscis is most famous today, and known by most people as the shape of the “Jesus Fish”. From a mathematical perspective, the Vesica Piscis is the birth place of the equilateral triangle.

The Tripod Of Life –

Tripod of Life Holy Trinity Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

The “Tripod of Life” is formed from adding a third circle to the Vesica Piscis. The three rings are universally known as a symbol of “wholeness” and “unity”. Much like the circle of life, they have no beginning and no end and are said to represent the infinite possibilities of creation.

The “Tripod of Life” has been considered a sacred geometric pattern by many ancient cultures, often referred to as a representation of the creative force of the Universe. But this ancient symbol may be most famously recognized as the Celtic knot or Triquetra.

In the Christian religion, the ‘Tripod-of-Life’ has been used to symbolize the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (AKA the Holy Trinity).

The Seed Of Life –

seed of life egg flower the conscious vibe Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

The seed of life is a sacred geometric pattern and ancient symbol that is comprised of 7 intersecting circles. The seed of life is believed by some Christian and Jewish religions to represents the seven days of creation described in the book of Genesis.

The Egg Of Life –

71b1e56c9a5432c8d6b73307be3d0693 Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

The Egg of Life is the next iteration in the process of construction of the Flower of Life, developing right after the seed. The egg of life symbol contains 13 intersecting circles. The Egg stands for three necessary things in people’s life, health, stability (or balance), and fertility.

One of the most amazing things about the egg of life is that it’s geometry is such, that it forms the organizational framework for all possible musical scales. The ratio between the spaces between the overlapping circles represents the gaps between full time and semitones on the musical chromatic scale.

Music is represented by different frequencies, frequencies are calculated by math, and math can be represented by geometric patterns.

For example, by applying the musical law of octaves to the Fibonacci sequence, it results in a perfect musical progression.

The Flower Of Life –

flower of life yellow calm prints Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

Finally the ‘egg of life’ develops into the ‘flower of life’. Containing 19 circles the flower of life is believed to represent the birth of the universe as it emerged from the ‘Great Void’.

The interconnectedness of the flower shape represents how all things are interconnected.

The Tree Of Life –

Tree of Life Flower of Life Stage.svg Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

Emanating from the center of the ‘seed of life’ and the ‘flower of life’, the ‘tree of life’ is simply the centers of the circles of the Flower of Life and the Seed of Life with lines drawn to interconnect them.  The tree of life has a total of 10 nodes and 22 lines connecting the nodes.

The geometric shapes contained in the Tree of Life are considered to be divinely designed and representative of geometric patterns that repeat in nature.

The Fruit Of Life –

Fruit of Life Stages 1 Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

Also known as the “holy of holies”, the fruit of life is formed by adding 6 circles to the perimeter of the flower of life, thus creating 13 abutting circles.

The fruit of life is believed to contain the fundamentals for the construct of all atoms, molecular composition, life development and the building blocks of the universe. It also contains the basis for the creation of Metatron’s Cube.

Metatron’s Cube (connecting the dots) –

693px Metatrons cube.svg Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

Named after the Archangel Metatron, Metatron’s Cube is formed in 2D by connecting all the circles in the fruit of life to one another. In a 3D form, Metatron’s Cube takes the form of a Merkaba.

Metatron’s Cube is unique because within the connected lines lies all the shapes and all 5 platonic solids symbolizing the underlying geometric patterns which are the building blocks found throughout our universe.

This shape is said to help focus on meditation and to help you replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

What Is The Secret Symbol In The Flower Of Life?

torus rotate Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

This is a debated topic, and one that nobody knows for sure. This is one theory of many, but after many hours of researching, reading, and discussing I don’t think it’s very far-fetched, but think for yourself on what makes sense.

Many believe that the flower of life represents the creation of the universe.

But what does our universe look like?

universe Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

Based on our current level of technology as a global civilization, we cannot see the entire universe, so nobody knows for sure what the universe looks like. However, what the current body of scientific evidence does tell us, is that the universe seems to have originated from a singular point (the big bang theory) and is still expanding outward.

torus flower of life Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

Many experts now believe that the universe may indeed be a giant never ending torus field. This theory is slightly different from the big bang theory, but still satisfies the ‘singular point’ of origination theory, which is the crux of the big bang.

If the torus field theory is correct, then the flower of life would be a 2 dimensional representation of the entire observable universe from a ‘top down’ perspective.

Leonardo da Vinci and the Flower of Life

Leonardo da Vinci lived over 500 years ago and is still a household name to this day. It is said that Leo was “”obsessed”” with sacred geometry. In many of his painting and sculptures you can find the dimensions, rations, and alignments of the flower of life proportions. Including the famous Mona Lisa.

vitruvian man flower of life Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

The best example of Da Vinci’s use of the flower of life geometry can be seen in his famous illustration of the “Vitruvian Man”. Many historians believe that da Vinci’s famous drawing Vitruvian Man was composed, at least in part, based on the Flower of Life symbol.

It’s impossible to get inside the mind of a 500 year old artist, but some experts believe that Da Vinci was illustrating the fact that human beings’ proportions, are in harmony with the fundamental mathematical code and building blocks of the Universe.

Flower Of Life – Modern Use

Like many things in the modern world, what was once considered one of the most sacred symbols in the universe has since turned into a commercial opportunity for apparel and retain sales.

Flower Of Life Tattoo – The flower of life tattoo (including many of its derivative shapes) is one of the most popular tattoos in any tattoo shop….I’m actually thinking about getting one.

Flower of life tattoo 04 Flower Of Life Meaning - Origin & Symbolism

Most people who get the flower of life tattoo don’t understand its meaning, but are still captivated by it’s enticing and even mesmerizing simple yet complex design.

Flower Of Life Jewelry – If you type in flower of life into google, you’re likely to see at least one page (or ad) for a flower of life necklace. There might even be a flower of life ad on our website (we’re not in control of googles ads, but I wouldn’t be surprised).

Conclusion: The Flower of Life

Shrouded in mystery, much like the meaning of life and the origin of the universe, the Flower of Life has been captivating human minds for thousands of years.

The flower of life has been found to contain the building blocks, and mathematical codes that make up the fabric of our existence and our reality. When we do discover the origin of the universe I have no doubt that the flower of life will somehow contain the formula.

Until then it continues to act as a simplistically beautiful and captivating symbol which for some reason is great at commanding both attention and deep focus.

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