This Is The Reason Why CBD (Might) Show Up On Your Drug Test ?

Will CBD Show Up On A Drug Test the Conscious Vibe 750x 1 This Is The Reason Why CBD (Might) Show Up On Your Drug Test ?

The CBD molecule isolated by itself will not show up on a drug test.

HOWEVER, most CBD products do contain trace amounts of THC which , even at micro-amounts, could potentially show up positive on a drug test result.

Here’s what you need to look out for…

All CBD products fall into 3 main categories…

  1. CBD Isolate
  2. Full Spectrum CBD
  3. Broad Spectrum CBD

Neither ‘CBD Isolate’ nor ‘Broad Spectrum CBD’ products will not show up on a drug test.


‘Full Spectrum CBD” does contain trace amounts of THC (but under the FDA legal limit of 0.3% THC) and although unlikely to trigger a positive drug test result, Full Spectrum CBD does have the potential to show up on a drug test.

Having said that…,

Full Spectrum CBD is also medically, the most effective and beneficial type of CBD.

Here’s what you should know about CBD and drug testing…

Drug Testing CBD vs THC

The biggest difference between CBD & THC is that CBD doesn’t get you ‘high’.

When it comes to drug testing rules, many companies are still way  behind with the times.

Marijuana is now legal in over 30 states (70%) of the United States but there are still employers  not testing for alcoholics, but denying jobs for people who smoke marijuana on the weekends.

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Drug tests are designed to detect certain levels of THC.

Since some CBD products do contain trace amounts of THC, depending on how strict the rest requirements are , it is possible to test positive.

 (even though the THC level is too small to feel effects from, it could still trigger a positive drug test result).

Full Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate: Failing a Drug Test

The difference between CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD is sort of like the difference between “Coca-Cola” & “Caffeine Free Coca-Cola

Full spectrum CBD has more of the good stuff…

Full Spectrum CBD vs Drug Testing

Full Spectrum CBD products contain not only the CBD compound, but trace amounts of other naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds as well.

Full Spectrum CBD also includes: – CBDA – CBG – CBGA – CBC – CBCA – THCA – THCV

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There are trace amounts of THC in full spectrum CBD products, but not enough you get you high.

The THC levels in CBD products are carefully regulated and not legally allowed to surpass 0.3% THC according to the federal government.

Each of the different cannabinoids listed above have been found to have a variety of health benefits.

The combination of these cannabinoids, found in ‘full spectrum CBD’, creates what scientists call “The Entourage Effect”

The “Entourage Effect” can best be explained as…

“The synergy created by the trace amounts of all cannabinoids working together”

Because of the ‘Entourage Effect’, studies have shown that Full Spectrum CBD is medically more effective than CBD Isolate.

CBD Isolate vs Drug Testing

CBD isolate is a great product if you want most of the benefits of CBD with-out the possibility of failing a job related drug test. (Think of CBD Isolate as Caffeine Free Coca-Cola)

Broad Spectrum CBD vs Drug Testing

For someone who wants to use CBD, but is also subject to work related drug testing, Broad Spectrum CBD is the way to go!

Broad Spectrum CBD products are not as common as CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD products.

Broad-spectrum CBD is a combination of both full-spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate….

Broad Spectrum CBD products offer most of the ‘entourage effect’ benefits but without any traces of THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD is a more cumbersome product to make as eliminating only the THC compound is a multi-step process that involves more work to make.

Tips on Taking CBD: The Cumulative Effect

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There are so many CBD products out there these days.

We know it can be confusing knowing which product to take and which product works best.

Here’s our thoughts…

Unless you’re taking CBD for a topical condition like Psoriasis or Eczema CBD oil is the way to go.

Taking CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) can take 1-2 hours to take effect and can be effective for up to 8 hours.

Taking CBD oil is the most efficient method for building up your baseline levels of CBD.

Due to what’s known as the “CUMULATIVE EFFECT” it takes CBD up to 2 weeks for CBD to accumulate in your system to reach maximum benefit.

TIPS You Should Know Before Shopping For CBD Products


There’s a few tips you want to look out for when shopping for CBD products…..

  1. CBD is not the same as THC & won’t get you high (no, not even a little)
  2. CBD is 100% legal in the United States & available for sale online
  3. Full Spectrum CBD is Better Than CBD Isolate
  4. There are different ways to ingest CBD
  5. CBD has little to no side effects
  6. Don’t buy CBD on Amazon and expect it to work
  7. Always look for 3rd party independent lab test results for each product
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In order to help our readers find top quality CBD, we’ve vetted and partnered with top CBD brands across the United States.

All CBD products that are available through United States are carefully vetted…

  1. Manufactured in the United States
  2. Quality CBD w. proven lab test results
  3. Backed by authentic customer reviews
  4. Sourced to be priced competitively and fairly


Full spectrum CBD could show up on a drug test but no chance with CBD isolate or broad spectrum.


Full Spectrum CBD is a better performing product.

Having said that, it’s important to always check the lab test results to make sure you’re buying a quality product that has what it says in it.

If the product is reputable, the lab test results will be available either on the manufacturer’s website, or in the product packaging itself.

The benefits of CBD oil are just scratching the surface of their long term potential.

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