4 Reasons Why EDM Music Helps You Study.

Music And The 4 Reasons Why EDM Music Helps You Study.

I’ve listened to EDM (electronic dance music) plenty of time at music festivals and parties. 

I wasn’t in the mood to study, but there’s something to EDM music that resonates deeper than just partying.

I have listened to relaxing binaural beats when studying and there’s a lot of similar elements borrowed in EDM music.

Could there be something deeper than just ‘bumpin beats’ and party music?

Many students struggle with studying. 

In fact,

This is why many students turn to alternative methods to try and improve study habits.

One of these methods includes studying while listening to EDM. 

Many people claim that when you listen to tunes while studying helps to improve focus and concentration. 

Parents and teachers may not approve, but scientists do.

The real question is, can listening to EDM music really help study?

4 Proven Benefits Of Listening To EDM Music

Say what you want about EDM culture, but all of the elements that make up EDM music feel generally upbeat and happy. 

It’s a positive vibe for sure.

Music And The 4 Reasons Why EDM Music Helps You Study.

EDM is also closely linked to club and rave culture, which is somewhat unfortunate since many people use this as a reason to discount the many benefits of listening to EDM. 

In fact, the benefits of listening to EDM can help improve your ability to concentrate, as well as your mental focus, and overall productivity. 

1. EDM Enhances Concentration

Studies show that when you listen to instrumental tracks it helps to increase productivity and your ability to concentrate on specific tasks.

However, if you listen to music with lyrics or words, studies also show it can be distracting, which lowers your working capabilities. 

That said, EDM is most often an instrumental type of music.

There aren’t many EDM songs with lyrics (or with lots of lyrics). Lyrics in EDM are often heavily melodic and used as an instrument.

4 Reasons Why EDM Music Helps You Study.

EDM can help to increase your concentration when performing repetitive tasks like studying. 

2. EDM Is A Mood Booster

Ever to to study when you’re mad. The information doesn’t stick.

When you listen to music, no matter the genre, it’s proven to give your brain a mood boost. EDM is no different. 

Studies show that listening to music, especially happier, ambient EDM tracks, makes you happier.

In fact, listening to upbeat music will trigger good, positive memories, while listening to sad, slow music will make you recall negative memories. 

Also, listening to happier music can help you to recall information quickly, and with great detail, which is an important element that can help you recall information from studying. 

3. EDM Improves Focus

Research shows that listening to EDM tunes with repetitive beats or sounds can help you focus. 

If you’re int EDM you know it’s all about repetition.

The reason for this is because the music becomes familiar, which triggers the part of the brain that handles memory recall.

As mentioned, EDM tunes are built on repetitive beats, themes, and melodies. 

When studying, these repetitive sounds activate the part of your brain that improves memory and concentration. 

4. Increased Productivity

The Psychology of Music conducted research where they learned that listening to tunes between tasks can provide a significant boost to productivity.

4 Reasons Why EDM Music Helps You Study.

While this research focused on participants listening to classical music between studying sessions, it’s also critical to look at the different types of tunes that have the same effect. 

To increase your abilities when studying, you should listen to tunes, whether EDM or classical music, with few to no lyrics, and music that you’re familiar with. 

EDM often falls within these parameters.  

What Is Considered EDM Music?

Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, is an umbrella term for several similar genres of music. 

EDM describes a wide range of electronic music genres, including club and dance music. You can easily identify electronic music by its heavy, percussive beat. 

Electronic Dance Music 4 Reasons Why EDM Music Helps You Study.

In general, you’ll find 6 components to electronic music or EDM. 

  1. Bass Drum (Percussive, Four-Beat) – A basic, percussive four-beat bass drum forms the building blocks for most types of ambient EDM. However, the same can be said of other genres like jazz, classical music, rock music, and even disco. Therefore, a four-beat rhythm isn’t the only distinctive aspect of electronic music. 
  2. High-Hat (Driving Beat) – Adding a high-hat on the upbeat creates that familiar “boom-chick-boom-chick” rhythm that’s often associated with the EDM genre. In classical electronic music, this technique is used to help drive the beat. 
  3. Theme (Claps) – In addition to the high-hat, “claps” are another common aspect of EDM that helps build a rhythmic theme on top of the bass drum and high-hat. This element also helps to drive the beat of most electronic music
  4. Melody (Synthesizer) – In addition to the first three elements, EDM will also continue to build with a melody. The melody is often played by an electric synthesizer. 
  5. Build Tension – The bass drum, high hat, claps, and synthesizer all work together to build tension. Over the course of an EDM track, these elements often slowly gain intensity, both in volume and in speed. 
  6. Dropping The Beat – The tension that’s been building is then cut when the “beat drops”. “Dropping the beat” is a defining characteristic of EDM. It pinpoints the moment of a song’s climax where the theme and melody are stripped away to showcase the heavy, percussive drum beat that’s been there all along.

EDM Playlists For Studying

If you’re not familiar with EDM you might feel intimidated by the sheer number of artists and songs available to choose from. 

Don’t worry! You’re not alone. 

istockphoto 828468810 4 Reasons Why EDM Music Helps You Study.

Many people have created EDM playlists specifically to help others while studying. You can choose a great EDM playlist online using platforms like YouTube or Spotify, which can be used for free or by signing up for a premium membership.

Again, it’s important to choose a playlist with tracks that have no (or very few) lyrics, a repeating beat or melody, and that make you feel happy. 

These elements all correlate to the above-mentioned studies, offering the best benefits to the listener.

Listening to the right EDM tracks will help increase your concentration, boost your mental ability, improve your memory recall, and increase your overall study ability. 

When you choose the right EDM, you’ll see an improvement in your learning habits, which should help you recall information when needed and ace that upcoming test or exam. 

Conclusion: EDM Music And Studying

Based on extensive research and studies, it’s clear that listening to EDM can help you study. 

However, what works for some people might not work for you. 

For example, you might discover that listening to EDM music through headphones during your study breaks boosts your focus.

Or, you might discover that some of your favorite EDM tunes contain too many lyrics, which impede your concentration. 

Therefore, trial and error is your best bet at discovering what works for you. 

So can EDM music help you learn?

The answer is, yes– provided you pick pleasant, familiar songs with no lyrics. 

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