What Are the Fundamental Truths of Humanity (Our Shared Reality on Earth)

What Are the Fundamental Truths of Humanity (Our Shared Reality on Earth)

No mater where you live, whether it’s Texas, Thailand, or Saudi Arabia we humans are all basically the same.

We all have five senses and sets of emotions that we use to interact with ourselves and  to understand our environment.

For this reason, our different lives, different cultures and different environments may make us seem different, but there are fundamental truths that right true for everyone.

(except maybe a couple psychopaths)

Let’s take a look at some obvious (and some not so obvious) fundamental truths of humanity. 

1. Human Love is Unlimited (don’t be afraid to overuse it)

You are an extraordinary, radiant human who deserves to express yourself authentically. Open up to a vast, boundless experience of love, which, of course, starts within YOU.

What Are the Fundamental Truths of Humanity (Our Shared Reality on Earth)

Love yourself, your life, things, people, and just every living thing around you. It doesn’t matter who loves you back.

You don’t need to shrink in your life.

Open up to love confidently, and you’ll give to yourself the love you’ve always wanted. You’ll attract the same kind of affection that completely matches yours. 

Anything else you’ve created about life, the mistrust, and the belief that you should only love who loves you back is an illusion.

Release these fears that block you from cultivating and experiencing love, and you’ll find a sense of fulfillment.

2. We All Want Love

Similar to the first truth, everyone has love and everyone wants love.

Sub-consciously, we are always looking out for it. We always feel that we are half of the equation, so we try to find the other half, whether in our parents, spouses, children, siblings, or friends.

Humans have a desire for wholeness, and feeling loved and accepted gives us utter satisfaction.

Being loved gives a sense of victory and security. It makes us feel there’s nothing to gain and nothing to lose. 

When we are loved, we attach a sense of identity to the other person, and the whole world seems perfect.

That’s why we always seem to compromise for the sake of love. And when our hearts are broken, we mend them and remain hopeful that we’ll find love again.

So whenever you feel detached from someone or don’t understand them, remember that they too desire to be loved.

3. We Do Not Experience Reality Directly

If we don’t experience reality, then what is this life thing?

Change your What Are the Fundamental Truths of Humanity (Our Shared Reality on Earth)

Another fundamental truth of humanity is that we “do not see reality as it is.”

We see reality as we perceive it.

Slight, but subtle difference.

We’ve evolved not to experience reality directly. Instead, we only see the representations of reality that we perceive.

This is why people argue. Because they don’t agree on a reality in a certain situation.

We experience reality through our own consciousness. We assign truth and meaning to our experiences as they happen, which are often influenced by our beliefs, attitudes, and past experiences.

This means that our assumptions about someone or a situation comes from our already-made perception. It’s never about the actual circumstance itself.

4. Failure is Common Before Great Success

We all have an uncomfortable relationship with failure.

Only if we all understood that failure is a prerequisite for success!

What Are the Fundamental Truths of Humanity (Our Shared Reality on Earth)

Truth is that you need to embrace failure if you want to experience real success.

Anyone who has never failed is playing too safe or just got lucky. It means you shy away from the unknown because you fear meeting with failure head-on.

Mistakes pave the way for success.

If you rewire your mind to embrace failure, you’ll learn from the mistakes and choose the right path in the future. 

Early failures allow you to learn a thing or two about your path and help remold your life in a positive direction.

5. Self-Worth Comes From Within

Self-worth is the acceptance that comes from within when circumstances leave you vulnerable. 

It is the love and confidence you feel for yourself regardless of your life’s position or other people’s opinions and accomplishments. 

Misfortunes like poverty, child abuse, and divorce can make anyone feel weak, wounded, and needy.

This is a toxic mix! It breeds self-blame and comparisons.

But the truth is that as much as people and life leave you shriveled, it’s upon you to pick yourself back up and reclaim your self-worth.

You are the master of your own destiny.

The peace you are looking for resides within you.

Try not to go looking for love, acceptance, and dignity a long way from home, for it sits here with you!

Change Is Inevitable (embrace it)

A life truth that applies to all humanity is that change is a guaranteed element of life.

quote What Are the Fundamental Truths of Humanity (Our Shared Reality on Earth)

You should be asking yourself whether you are the same person you were last year.

If you think you haven’t transformed, how did you go through the past 365 days without changing. 

Consider that life is a series of changes from birth.  Physically, mentally, career-wise, relationship status’s ect….

Often people become too ingrained in familiarity that the idea of change is frightening.

But what you have to understand is that embracing uncertainty, adaptability, and welcoming change brings growth and accomplishment. No matter where you’re from.

Humans Have an Instinctual “Us vs. “Them” Mentality

Truth about humanity is that we have a deep need to belong.

And for this reason, the human mind tends to categorize people into social groups, using an “Us vs. Them” mentality.

us vs What Are the Fundamental Truths of Humanity (Our Shared Reality on Earth)

This is true in sports, politics, cultures, and even in neighborhoods.

We need to become more aware of our tendency to develop group favoritism through the “Us vs. Them” mentality. 

This mentality has made us favor a group bias. We naturally separate ourselves from a particular group of people because they are different from us.

It is either because of race, age, religion, gender, culture, nationality, or socioeconomic status. 

This fundamental truth insists that the “Us vs. Them” mentality is destructive to both ourselves and society at large.

As you can see from this article, when it comes to the things that really matter, we’re all the same..

Your Legacy Is Measured By What You Do Everyday

Life, just like time, is finite. Unfortunately, fulfilling our everyday demands has exhausted and distracted us, such that we take this for granted.

We often use monetary metrics and how popular we are to measure how we are doing in life.

But at the end of the day, the only metric that really matters, is the positive lives that we’ve touched.

So, ask yourself, what legacy are you leaving behind? Have you positioned yourself to help someone that needs help the most?

Remember, people will not remember you for what you said or how happy and successful you were in life and business.

They will always remember how you made them feel.

Never Give and Expect Something in Return

The truth is, giving feels good. Helping others heightens your life’s meaning and purpose.

But often, we tend to give so that we get something back.

You may not expect the payment there and then, but you often hope that those you help return the favor someday.

This mentality causes heartbreaks. Not everyone will pay you back for the good you did.

So, just help because you care. Even if you don’t get paid, do it! Don’t obsess over the results. 

If you do without seeking validation or rewards, it’ll eventually come back around to you, even when you didn’t intend so. 

And if it doesn’t, you get the satisfaction of giving and helping, which is its own reward.

The world has a way of rewarding generosity. 

Death Is Inevitable. Enjoy Every Moment Of Life

Realizing that you are getting closer and closer to your deathbed every day is essential.

What Are the Fundamental Truths of Humanity (Our Shared Reality on Earth)

It should give you a reason to live life at its best.

You are not going to skip death and get out of here alive, so why don’t you make the best of the time you have on earth?

You have been given only one life, so savor every moment and all that it has to offer. Take good care of yourself. Do the things you enjoy.

If you knew you would die in 24 hours, wouldn’t you ever think of hiking Mt. Everest or sleeping in your bed all day watching endless Youtube videos?

You’d wish for a little more time to live, die without regrets, and say goodbye to those you love.

So, approach every day as if it was your last. You’ll be grateful.

Humans Are Naturally Attracted to Beauty

Portrait paintings and photographs can testify that we are naturally drawn to beauty. Man has appreciated “beautiful things” since ancient times.

The human brain appreciates beauty. This is why we can grade beauty and decide what’s lovely.

We’ve always found beauty in majestic sceneries, a pretty face, color, magnificent buildings, and even trivial things like sunlight’s reflection.

What’s true is that our bodies, moods, and minds are strongly influenced by what we see.

Beautiful things significantly contribute to our general well-being.


Most people are unwilling to confront the  reality and sometime hard truths of humanity, so they end up with life slapping them hard in the face.

But the fact is, we can never improve our lives or humanity as a whole if we continue staying oblivious to some of the truths about humanity.

The good thing is, you can apply these truths in different situations to help you make the best out of them.

So, what fundamental truth about humanity has transformed your life?

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