Are Reptilians Real ? You Decide. An Honest Look At The Origin

Are Reptilians Real ? You Decide. An Honest Look At The Origin

Are reptilians real? Are you serious might be a better question.

I’ve found that in the age of the internet, there’s no shortage of information on any topic of your choice. Sorting good information from bad information is the real issue.

So, is the United States is run by reptilian people called “lizards” ?

It seems crazy right? Any conspiracy that absurd must have a ton of hard evidence right?

Well, not quite.

Like most conspiracy theories, the reptilian theory is based on lack of evidence, not abundance of evidence.

The Reptilian theory was popularized by fiction novelist David Icke in 1999 but has been debunked by investigators, experts, professionals, and amateur researchers across the globe for years.

But the story actually started much earlier dating back to 1929.

Quite interestingly, the reptilian theory is popular among conspiracy websites and is one of the most talked-about topics on the web.

Surveys reveal that there are at least 12 million Americans who believe that reptilians run the world.

As a born skeptic, I want to know all the facts, myths, and current unknowns for myself.

 The Theory Behind the Reptilians

According to the “Reptilian Theory”, bloodthirsty reptilian aliens have been hiding on earth since ancient times.

Are Reptilians real Are Reptilians Real ? You Decide. An Honest Look At The Origin

In order to gain power and control over the earth population, the reptilians merged with humans through DNA manipulation and interbreeding.

The reptilians made it a goal to make offsprings from people with influence such as royalties, politicians, and popular entertainers.

One of the most notable theorists who backed this theory was David Icke, a former athlete, sports broadcaster, and fantasy author.

In his book, he claimed that many of the politicians who govern the world are possessed by reptilian powers that manipulate them to make decisions.

His book, “The Biggest Secret” was published in 1999. Today, it has reached up to 47 countries and  Dave has given lectures to crowds of up 6, 000 people.

The reptilian conspiracy has also been recycled and re-branded by the QAnon cult.

Original Origin of The Reptilian Theory

David Icke may have popularized the reptilian conspiracy theory in 1999, but he didn’t invent it.

The Shadow Kingdom Are Reptilians Real ? You Decide. An Honest Look At The Origin

Robert E. Howard started the conspiracy theory in 1929 with a short story called “The Shadow Kingdom“. 

The story was about a barbarian from Atlantis who was trying to kill a magical shape shifting reptilian from a pre-human species in order to become king.

But even in 1929, Robert Howard was borrowing many parts of his story from a previous book.

Dating all the way back to 1888 a book called “The Secret Doctrrine” was published by Helena Blavatsky.

Helena’s book discussed pre-human races which she claim to have gained deep insight about while reading a book from Atlantis while under a trance.

To sum it up, the reptilian conspiracy was popularized David Icke’s book from 1999, which was based on Robert Howard’s short story from 1929, which was based on Helena Blavatsky’s book from 1888, what was based on a book from Atlantic which she read while under a trance.

The conspiracy theory didn’t take hold in 1888, it didn’t take hold in 1929, but by 1999 something was different.

The internet.

spread internet conspiracy theories reptilians Are Reptilians Real ? You Decide. An Honest Look At The Origin

People believe in conspiracy theories because they are a way of making sense out of things that don’t make sense. 

Conspiracy theories give the believer a sense of control and understanding over a situation where real answers and evidence may be unknown or scarce.

With the invention of the internet, false information, misleading information, and fake information can easily be spread around the world with-out being fact checked.

Conspiracy theories are also a great way to assign blame to a villain of choice.

For example, blaming the CIA, the FBI, Cuba, the “government”, the Mafia, ect. for killing JFK.

Or blaming an alien species of sub-human reptilians on why our governments don’t function properly.  

Conspiracy theories have even been used strategically by those in power to place blame on their enemies.

These day’s it seems like the crazier the theory, the more attention it gets. And the more attention it gets, the more some people will believe it.

The reptilian conspiracy theory is no exception.

Debunking Conspiracy Theories 

Are Reptilians Real ? You Decide. An Honest Look At The Origin

While there are many conspiracy theories about reptilians in the government, there are also people who try to debunk these theories.

They are called conspiracy theory debunkers and their goal is to disprove and discredit conspiracy theories and their producers.

According to Dr. Peter Ellerton, conspiracy theorists might be good storytellers but they reject science.

So how do you spot conspiracy theorists? It’s very easy. Their ideas are more irrational than scientific. They do not have sufficient (or any) direct evidence to prove their claims. Their logic and reasoning is based little to no evidence.

Moreover, their theories are hard to believe – almost impossible.

6 Ways To Tell Someone Is A Conspiracy Theorist 

conspiricy theorist Are Reptilians Real ? You Decide. An Honest Look At The Origin
  1. An Alleged Secret PlotThis is a story that tells a different angle or proposes an entirely different view about a significant event or matter.
  2. A Group Of Conspirators.A conspiracy theory is not just done by one person.

    While only one author appears in the beginning, the story needs to be collaborated with similar stories from other authors called conspirators to make it look and sound real.

    It is a matter of how they convince people and what the people believe in.
  3. Evidence That Seems To Support The Conspiracy Theory
    (but doesn’t)Normally, these conspirators will show you some videos and images, and try to manipulate them.

    Using this evidence, conspirators will try to lure you to believe in it. 
  4. A Suggestion That Nothing Happens By Accident
    (and that there are no coincidences)Most conspirators will tell you that everything happens for a reason.

    They could twist a simple fact and lead you to believe that something must have a cause. Then they show their evidence and convince you to believe in it.
  5. They Divide The World Into Good or Bad.The disadvantage of conspiracy theories is that they can effectively divide the world in two.

    Just like the reptilian theories, the 12 million Americans who believe that the U.S. government is lead by lizards is quite a number.

    The more danger comes when a conspiracy theory leaks to someone with little knowledge.  Little knowledge is dangerous.For someone who has no idea about politics and government, it is very easy to believe these kinds of things.

    That is why it is very important to be conscious of what is happening around you. Do you believe there are reptiles in the government? This leads us to the last commonality in conspiracy theories. 
  6. They Scapegoat People And Groups.Scapegoating means blaming someone. So, when something bad happens it is easy for conspiracy theorists to blame this group of people.

    Moreover, unwanted thoughts and feelings can be unconsciously projected onto another who becomes the scapegoat for his issues.

 Check Before Sharing

Before you share anything, make sure you double-check the information.

fact check conspiracy theories Are Reptilians Real ? You Decide. An Honest Look At The Origin

The following are unlikely to be a conspiracy theory.

  • The author is a well-known author of non-fiction books. He has qualifications, credentials, and back history to show his experience.
  • The author uses verifiable facts and evidence-backed by scientific study or academic research. On the other hand, legit newscasters should have a strong record of reporting and being part of a real news site. 

5 Ways To Spot A Conspiracy Theory

  1. The author is a self-proclaimed expert and not attached to a reputable organization. You cannot find other information about the person whether online or in person. He does not have any background in writing other stuff other than his conspiracy theories.
  2. The author claims to have credentials but they do not withstand strict examination or are usually suspended.
  3. The source of information is not clear. You would find that the information is not written in history.
  4. The majority of the websites do not support the source and have refuted the claims. Oftentimes the claims are too hard to believe and are exactly the opposite of what you know today.
  5. The author presents the story as the only valid truth. However, the evidence would lack factual or actual happening such that they are always based on manipulated videos or images.

    The tone of storytelling is also emotionally inclined and more subjective instead of being objective.

Conclusion: Are Reptilians Real

Many people are easily dragged to conspiracy theories and believe they are true. However, you should be more conscious of the things that you believe in.

Not all stories are real.


Some people deliberately want to provoke, manipulate, or target people for political or financial reasons.

Before sharing anything, read the information and see if it is worth sharing.

Oh yeah, the reptilian conspiracy has “no legs” and came from a supposed book someone read while in a trace in 1888, look it up. 

It’s FAKE.

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