10 Things That Will Make You More Self-Confidant At Work (Not All Are Easy)

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Sometimes being self-confident at home doesn’t always translate to being confident at work. 

I’ve seen this first hand with some of my co-workers when I used to work in a larger office environment.

According to experts, there could be many reasons you feel confident at home, but lack confidence at work.

It may take some extra hours or difficult self reflection, but having more confidence at work is often just a mental game that you’ll need to learn to figure out.

One of the most likely reasons behind lack of workplace confidence according to Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert, says , “Overall, insecurity will last as long as the relationship with your boss is strained.”

A negative relationship with your boss disrupts confidence. 

Any person with lower self-esteem and an average performance definitely wants to improve the relationship with their boss, but also with themselves.

Here’s a few tips based on our teams research and personal experiences.

10 Tips To Consciously Be More Self-Confident At Work

1.   Stay Focused For Longer

Attention spans these days a growing shorter and shorter (thanks social media).

stay focused to have more confidence at work 10 Things That Will Make You More Self-Confidant At Work (Not All Are Easy)

But Taylor suggests you should stay on-task and focused in order to boost your mental state, boost productivity, and boost yur confidence.

Politics, phone scrolling and office rumors mills are as common distractions to avoid. Confidence at work emerges from time-honored good “ol’ fashioned” hard work and a positive attitude.

2.   Leverage Your Strengths

One of the easiest ways to increase self-confidence is to be clear and focused on your strengths.

It’s better to utilize your strengths as an advantage than it is to try and work on your weaknesses.

You should find ways to incorporate strengths into every day’s work. When you lead with your strengths you’re more energized and engaged. 

If your present role does not offer you opportunities to boost your strengths, think about a job change or other roles that will.

3.   Manage Your Weaknesses

We all have weaknesses both personally and professionally. 

Manage your weaknesses to have more confidence at work 10 Things That Will Make You More Self-Confidant At Work (Not All Are Easy)

It’s your ability to identify and manage your own weaknesses that are key to your confidence and success.

I personally suck at sales, so I manage this weakness by partnering or hiring people who are good at sales.

If you’re running away from Scooby-Doo you should probably look to avoid tiny nets.

You must make a plan to identify and manage your professional weaknesses. 

You should not obsess over little things but focus on elements that will manage your weaknesses and making efforts to overcome them will boost confidence.

4.   Believe In Yourself.

To me this sounds like oversimplified advice. But often the simplist advice is the best.

how to love yourself more 10 Things That Will Make You More Self-Confidant At Work (Not All Are Easy)

It might be easier said than done, “just believe in yourself” – yeah OK? 

But believing in yourself is all it takes.

When it comes to a tough task or goal that you’re not sure if you can manage, thats when you need to dig deep. Whatever happens, you need to work through it and find solutions to every problem.

Believe that whatever problem comes up, you will find a solution. it might take you longer than expected. maybe hours longer or working late, but eventually if you put in enough work, you will find solutions to your problems.

Just don’t give up, as giving up only lowers your self-confidence even more.

Also, asking for help should not impact your confidence. Asking for help or for another opinion should only increase yoru confidence that you’re on the right track and producing good work that you can be confident in.

5.   Track Your Successes.

Keep track of daily accomplishments.

Make a “to-do” list. This way, when you cross tasks off your list, you are more aware of your constant achievements.

Improve Self Confidence self worth 10 Things That Will Make You More Self-Confidant At Work (Not All Are Easy)

Work expert suggests keeping a digital “kudos file” to record your achievements.

You can save milestones reached, congratulatory emails, kudos from peers or bosses, thank you letters, praise, and recognition from in and out of the company.

Check file when you’re having an “off day” for the truth behind your talents and a personal pat on the back. 

6.   Know That Self-Confidence Can Come & Go

Accept that self-confidence will eventually shake. You will make mistakes and have bad days. We all do.

Accept that this is going to happen.

We all get down on ourselves sometimes, but don’t let it linger or last.

If you are on the edge of a mean comment towards yourself that lowers your self-esteem, take a deep breath.

Accept your mistake, soak in your reality. Learn from your mistake so you don’t make it again and keep moving forwards.

7.   Seek Encouragement From Your Circle

Ask people you respect about their opinions of you.

constructive critism inner circel have more confidence at work 10 Things That Will Make You More Self-Confidant At Work (Not All Are Easy)

Then you should find ways to consume those strengths. Get feedback from coworkers, friends, or even your administrator about your performance. 

Most will likely have positive things to say, but take any critical feedback and learn from it.

Remember, all critical feedback is an opportunity for improvement, growth, and improved long term confidence at work.

Ask them to mention your strengths and destinations where they would like to see in the future.

Sometimes our circle sees more talent in us that we are unable to notice.

8.   Challenge Yourself

Succeeding in unpredicted challenges is a great way to make you more confidant.

challenge accepted self confidence at work 10 Things That Will Make You More Self-Confidant At Work (Not All Are Easy)

Without challenges we don’t grow. Our confidence stagnates.

You need to find assignments and projects that will offer an opportunity to use and challenge your strengths.

This will enhance your confidence and command respect on projects that stretch you.

9.   Try New Things At Work

You can take baby steps if needed, but try new things by immersing yourself in new activities or new projects and see how it works out.

Try joining the work crew for happy hour afterwork, or approaching a problem from a new angle.

Try talking to a co-worker you don’t usually talk to or taking your existing work relationships to a deeper more personal level.

Stronger relationships can absolutely lead to increased confidence in your work environment.

10. Have a More Positive Attitude.

If you’re worried about getting fired, try smiling more. No-one wants to fire the “nice guy”.

In order to boost self-esteem at work, show a positive attitude. Being Positive does not have to represent being happy. It can also mean resilient. 

positive attitude you must choose to be more confident at work 10 Things That Will Make You More Self-Confidant At Work (Not All Are Easy)

Focus on how you can provide solutions rather than discussing the problem.


You must carefully understand how you respond to your boss and colleague’s actions. One of the effective ways to boost self-esteem and self-confidence is to elevate your emotional radar in the office.

Read the actions of your administrator and coworkers, especially when they are impacting self-confidence.

You have to be strong enough to build and reflect upon yourself in order to yield a steady flow of increasing confidence over time.

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