What Does It Mean To Be Mentally Grounded? (Simple Breakdown)

brain unplugged What Does It Mean To Be Mentally Grounded? (Simple Breakdown)

Have you ever been electrocuted ? I have a few times.

Luckily, being ‘mentally grounded” is nothing like that.

Being mentally grounded is really a metaphor for someone who is completely aware of themselves, their surroundings, and their effect on the environment around them (including their effect on others).

Someone who’s mentally grounded has a full perspective of the collective reality around them and their place with-in it.

Their head is not ‘up in the air’ out of touch with reality.

For example, someone who is mentally grounded understands that store cashiers do not set store policies.

On the flip side, someone’s who’s not mentally grounded may freak out on the Dollar Store cashier for not accepting expired coupons.

Being mentally grounded is the ability to accept reality for what it is.

This requires the ability to accept blame, reflect on ones self, and understand multiple perspectives of truth at once.

Are you mentally grounded?

In this article we’ll dive into what it feels like to be “mentally grounded” and how you can practice being more grounded in reality.

Grounded In Reality: Seeing All Sides Of The Truth

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When you feel  overwhelmed, frustrated, or anxious it difficult to stay calm. 

Most people want to overreact, explode, or hide.

the last thing you want to do is pay more attention to your present reality.

But anxiety is resolved by accepting reality for what it is, and finding a solution to move forward.

Overreacting, hiding, and exploding in emotion only make anxiety worse.

When you see the truth for what it is, you get a sense of anxiety relief. But being able to see the truth is not always easy. Your perception needs to be grounded in reality to find truth.

You have to view the present moment from all sides and all perspectives, otherwise, you only get half the truth from only one perspective.

If you’re only looking at your reality from one perspective then you’ll end up feeling lost, frustrated, and confused because you’re not seing the ‘bigger picture’. 

Are You Mentally Grounded vs. Emotionally Grounded

mentally and emotionally grounded What Does It Mean To Be Mentally Grounded? (Simple Breakdown)

I consider myself mentally grounded, but emotionally, well I’m not so sure.

I think a lot of people can agree.

What’s the difference?

When dealing with trying times, a mentally grounded person will attempt to keep themselves present in reality.

They will avoid thinking about “what ifs” and instead be present with the present moment, issues, and solutions.

Being mentally grounded acts as a way to snap your mind back to reality with-out letting your mind ‘wander off into the clouds’.

Being emotional grounded has more to do with keeping your emotions under check as you try to anchor yourself in reality with-out being overcome by (good or bad) emotions. 

That is why you also have to show emotional resilience if you wish to be mentally grounded.

People who are emotionally grounded have complete control of their emotional response. 

Emotionally grounded essentially means to remain calm as you take note of your experience with the emotions.

When you crack the code of being mentally and emotionally grounded, you will certainly live a more peaceful and balanced life.

3 Techniques For Staying “Grounded” In Reality

To become mentally grounded is easier said than done.

Nonetheless, there are certain grounding exercises  that can get you there! 

mentally stable What Does It Mean To Be Mentally Grounded? (Simple Breakdown)

1. Trace Your Breathing

Relaxed breathing is one of the quickest ways to give your mind and body a break from the internal chatter.

When you are worrying over something, a breath gives you the time to analyze if the worry is irrational or not.

All you have to do is –

  • Close your eyes and feel the air in your lungs as you inhale.
  • Then exhale and feel the sensation of air moving out of your chest.
  • Just focus on your breath and nothing else for the next 1-2 minutes.

2. Meditative Walking

Even a simple walk in nature does a lot for you. It reduces your stress and anxiety, letting you enjoy life at the present moment.

  • DO NOT  use your phone during this time.
  • You can do the walk for 10-20 minutes.
  • Walk slowly and take notice of everything around you – grass, flowers, mud, and so on.
  • Let your body relax as you breathe a little more slowly and calmly.

3. Enjoy The Little Things

People tend to notice pain before pleasure.

That deters you from the reality that there are a lot of good things around you to focus your energy on. Moreover, you also tune into your senses as you focus on other objects.

So, develop a practice of noticing the pleasures every day.

For instance, if you like your morning coffee or a new dish, you can write your impressions about it in a journal.

It acts as a potent reminder that you can find real joys in life if you choose to.

3 Ways To Tell Someone They’re Not Being Grounded

Not being grounded for yourself is one thing, but telling someone else that they’re not being grounded is a whole other challenge.

What Does It Mean To Be Mentally Grounded? (Simple Breakdown)

When someone is not grounded, they experience a lack of sleep, stress and generally feel “dull” about life. That is why (if you care about them long term) you must bring it to their attention.

If you are not sure where to start, here is how you can go about telling your loved ones that they are not being grounded.

1. Sit And Talk About Their Thoughts ( just listen)

People unintentionally try to distract themselves from the discomfort instead of focusing on it. So you can create a quiet place to sit with them and discuss what signs you observed.

Grab a beer.

The person may seem lost and distant, not finishing projects, not showing a passion for any activity as such, and so on.

Then give them a chance to understand your viewpoint as they try to be more critical of their experiences.

2. Identify Longings And Burdens

The only way to feel grounded is to take a moment to understand where these feelings are coming from.

You must help them work through this.

So ask them questions like
– What is working well for you right now?
– Is there something that you feel limited by?

It will let them pinpoint what aspect of their life they need to take control of and how.

3. Root For Them

When they are suddenly told that they have been ungrounded for a while, it comes as a shock. It is up to you to make them feel at ease before their worries come back.

So be sure to make them feel safe and protected, hopefully allowing them to remain in reality.

Summing It Up – “Grounded In Reality”

Mentally grounded means that you have a place to come back to when life has thrown you off course.

By taking a second to balance your body and mind, you can find your center again and take control of the situation.

Every individual goes through a different process of evaluating a trying situation. Nonetheless, it helps to know what in particular can help you remain mentally grounded in reality.

With the grounding techniques mentioned in this article, you are ready to live a life full of intent and purpose!

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