The Benefits of Bringing Nature Into Your Home (At Any Level)

Benefits of bringing plants nature inside your home house The Benefits of Bringing Nature Into Your Home (At Any Level)

Nature’s already outside and plants & animals take maintenance, so why bring them into your home?

Turns out, there’s some pretty big benefits you should know about.

As humans we survived, thrived, and existed around nature full time for centuries.

Nature is an essential part of human existence. Our food, our shelter, our products all come from nature. With out nature we die.

So it makes sense that that concept doesn’t stop at our front door.

For years, we have heard the benefits of nature and natural products.

We look for cotton clothes, eat organic foods, and unwind on nature walks. Everything about our lives revolves around the benefits of nature.

So, how does nature affect us inside of our own homes ?

8 Noticeable Benefits to Bringing Nature Into Your Home.

1. With Quantity Comes Quality (Air Quality)

nature benefits of natural in your home The Benefits of Bringing Nature Into Your Home (At Any Level)

Basic biology taught us in middle school that plants equal fresh air.

Bringing plants indoors, whether it be a fig tree or a couple of ferns, is guaranteed to improve the air in your home. This has even been tested by NASA

Improved air quality is especially necessary when you live in a city.

More plants mean more fresh air!

2. Nature Can Buy You Happiness

Can you buy true happiness?

OK, No

But you can buy plants, trees, flowers, cats, fish, or natural water fountains.

Our ancient human roots connect with nature so deep that elements of nature have been scientifically proven to provide us with joy

We’re not messing around. Flowers are proven to decrease depression, anxiety, and agitation. They have a long-term effect on happiness, but the effect is immediate. Some freshly cut flowers are worth their price!

If you want to take it up a notch, you can even grow them yourself! It doesn’t have to be a large rose bush, but a pot of flowers on the windowsill never hurts anyone.

3. Nature Inspires Creativity

Any artist has at some point felt a creative block.

Taking a break from the screen-filled lives we lead to smell a flower or water a plant can do wonders to ease the mind and boost creativity.

While nature doesn’t directly put creative thoughts in your head, a 2015 study shows that nature provides an environment that promotes creativity.

When you bring nature indoors, you’re constantly in an environment that pushes you to think beyond the four walls of your home.

4. A Natural Performance Enhancer, Literally

There is no better way to enhance your performance and energy levels than amidst nature.

It’s not just about the revitalizing properties of fresh air, but actual plants! A few herbs growing in your kitchen are a great way to get some nutrition and energy into your eating routine.

5. A Natural Way To Boost Memory

Studies have found that spending time in nature has memory-enhancing effects.

Up to 20% better.

House plants nature benefits The Benefits of Bringing Nature Into Your Home (At Any Level)

We aren’t saying you’ll have a photographic memory immediately, but having better short-term memory isn’t that bad either.

In an age where screens dominate and everything around you is moving at such a fast pace, it can be hard to keep up and remember what’s happening around you.

6. Plants Heal

Nature has always help humans heal.

Ancient plant remedies date back to the earliest days of ancient Egypt thousands of years ago.

Simply having plants around your home can boost you mood by up to 15% according to recent studies.

These effects aren’t just on your mental health. Your physical health and injuries can be effected as well. I personally have an aloe plant which I’ve used on multiple burn occasions.

7. Improve Concentration

Having a house full of life definitely gives a warm positive vibe.

Being around nature in your own home can also boost concentration levels and increase your attention span. This was proven by British scientists in a published study back in 2013

You’ll see this commonly practiced in Waldorf schools where children are frequently encouraged to explore nature. 

8. Have A Little More Patience

When new moms say kids teach you patience, every plant parent will whole-heartedly agree.

While raising a child and a plant isn’t on the same level, growing a plant yourself teaches you patience and compassion. If you can’t have a child to teach you patience, then we recommend a plant as a much easier alternative.

Taking care of houseplants is a way to build compassion in yourself. The attachment you form to your plants helps nurture such feelings and emotions. You’ll catch yourself being calm, compassionate, and caring.

Researchers at Texas A&M university found that “people who spend time cultivating plants have less stress in their lives. Plants soothe human beings and provide a positive way for people to channel their stress into nurturing.”

What’s The Best Room For A House Plant?

Every room is the best room for a house plant.

best room for plants in your house benefits The Benefits of Bringing Nature Into Your Home (At Any Level)

Incorporating nature into your home is just as easy as it is to say.

If you’re having trouble finding easy ways to do so, we have a few ideas you can implement!

Kitchen Herb Gardens

Charming and convenient, herb gardens in the kitchen aren’t extravagant, large, or high maintenance.

You can get a few small plants or herbs and keep them near a source of sunlight in your kitchen. Soon enough, you’ll be able to pick herbs right off the stem, and your kitchen will have a much healthier vibe.

House Plants

There can never be too many houseplants.

Whether it’s a cute cactus or a massive tree, every plant is worth bringing into your home.

Plants make the best decor.

Eco-friendly Nature Vibes

Bringing nature into your house doesn’t have to be about having a million houseplants (although we encourage it); sometimes, it can be about going green.

Using eco-friendly materials is another way to connect with nature.

Jute bags, wood and fiber furniture, bamboo toothbrushes, and other eco-friendly products made from nature improve your mood and reduce your carbon footprint.

Flowers – (Yeah Just Simple Flowers)

We’re not going to lie; flowers are the easiest way to bring nature into your home.

You can hang flower pots from your windows and flowers you can buy from a local florist and keep them in a pretty vase. Either method is bound to have the same result – a sense of pride.

Flowers will also improve the look of your space. 

Easy, simple, cheap !

Other Resources – Natural Light & Running Water

If you want to start small, then try bringing in natural light.

Open the blinds more. Pure and simple.

Also, a water feature or fish tank are both great ways to bring natural elements into your home.

Living Green Wall

If you’re willing to commit, you can opt for a living green wall.

living natural green nature wall The Benefits of Bringing Nature Into Your Home (At Any Level)

The plants will not attack you in your sleep, but they will make your home look incredible.

A living green wall is a bunch of plants such as moss and succulents installed close together with a drainage and irrigation system in place.

These plants will continue to grow and provide you with a full ecosystem right on your wall.

If you aren’t comfortable with the wall inside your home, they can always be installed outside.


It’s written deep down inside our genetic human DNA, nature isn’t something you can leave outside your door.

I personally am not traditionally a “plant person” but I was given an office plant as a gift and it immediately created a more relaxing atmosphere to work in.

Now I have multiple plants throughout the whole house. 

So, are you going to invite nature into your home?

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