How To Know If You’re Thinking For Yourself

Did you choose to get Duncan Donuts coffee or were you subliminally influenced by an advertisement?

People have been shaping how you live and the decisions you make for as long as you’ve existed. That’s part of living in a society. Our culture, beliefs, and values shape our conscious and sub-conscious decisions for the rest of our lives.

Lessons You Learn From Playing Sports (at any age)

Growing up as a kid playing basketball, I certainly wasn’t thinking about the life lessons I would learn when the coaches son got more playing time than me.

15 years later, I was working on a $20 million construction project where the General Contractor was being managed by the founder of the company’s (novice) son. The connection couldn’t have been more obvious.

In certain situations, it doesn’t matter how much better you are or how hard you work if you’re competing against your bosses family. In these situations, if you’re looking to get ahead then it’s better to cut your losses and find a new team (or company).

I had already learned this lesson 15 years earlier playing high school basketball.

Why Do People Worship Celebrities? Explained

We have made celebrities substitute gods. We even refer to them as idols.

But is all that ‘fandom’ necessary or even deserved? Do celebrities really have life all figured out? Is fame all it’s cracked out to be? 

Are celebrities happier than everyone else ?

Which makes you wonder—why exactly do most worship celebrities.