10 Tips Everyone Should Know About How To Truly Love Yourself, And Who You Are.

Love how to Yourself ones self more 10 Tips Everyone Should Know About How To Truly Love Yourself, And Who You Are.

Sometimes, when I get down on myself, it feels almost impossible to recover.

But I always do.

“Ah don’t get down on yourself man” That’s what my friends say.

But I’ve come to learn that getting down on myself isn’t always all bad and I’ve learned to love myself more because of it.

It’s OK to get down on yourself, as long as you learn the core “core reason” why you’re upset and learn from it.

Being able to love yourself has to do with perspective, attitude, and your level of self-awareness.

Lack of self-love can lead to self-destruction. And we don’t got time for that.

Just like Captain Blue Beard, you’re in complete control of the direction of your ship.

10 Tip On How To Love Yourself More

No-one Like to be called ugly or stupid.

So why would you say it to yourself.

how to love yourself more 10 Tips Everyone Should Know About How To Truly Love Yourself, And Who You Are.

It’s easier to love others more than you love yourself. This is because when you look at others, you’re not focusing on their flaws, while when most people look in the mirror, they only focus on their flaws.

That’s when you begin to criticize yourself.  

We all have imperfections, that we hide from everyone else.

Sometime we’re consciously aware of it, sometimes we subconsciously hide things, or even subconsciously over-compensate.

1. Eat Healthier – ( you’ve heard it before, but yeah seriously )

Don’t eat junk food.

Master your willpower over what you literally use as fuel to power your body.

Eat healthier to love yourself more loce who you are 10 Tips Everyone Should Know About How To Truly Love Yourself, And Who You Are.

Junk food is full of refined chemical ingredients which makes it extremely easy to digest and get absorbed into the body.

As a result, dopamine levels rise, serotonin flashes into your blood and you’re happy!

But easy come easy go, and in an instant, it’s all gone.

The absorbed sugars get converted into fat and stored away, as the added sugars cause a surge in insulin, leading to a quick drop in blood sugar.

This leaves you feeling tired, cranky and hungry for more.

On the other hand, eating healthy makes you feel exceptional.

When you feel good within, you host positive emotions.

Eating healthier gives you longer lasting energy you need to conquer anything. Plus the added respect for yourself that you know you deserve for making the right decision.

This is how proper eating habits to fuel for your body leads to more self-love. 

Apart from boosting your moods, healthy eating also contributes to your general physical health and wellness.    

2. Embrace Positivity ( and block negative vibes )

You become what you think.

embrace positive energy vibes love yourself who you are more 10 Tips Everyone Should Know About How To Truly Love Yourself, And Who You Are.

If you think negative thoughts about yourself, eventually those negative thoughts will manifest themselves and show up somewhere in your life.

However, when you think positive thoughts, it’s been proven to boost your outlook on life and your health.

Speaking from experience, that’s easier said than done.

Positive thinking can be tricky and sometimes nearly impossible. Especially if you frequently struggle with negative thoughts.

The trick here, is to focus more on solutions than problems. There are always going to be problems in life, the trick is to find solutions to them.

Also, avoid feeding your brain negative emotions.

Skip watching the news sometimes. It’s mostly negative.

And avoid or disconnect from toxic friends and relationships ( the ones that just suck your energy out of you).

3. Prioritize Sleep More Often

Lack of sleep will stop you from thinking clearly.

As simple as it might sound, getting enough sleep is essential in boosting self-love. Make sure you should get at least 7 hours of sleep daily. 

Sleep is essential because it strengthens your immune system and protects you from illness.

When you get enough sleep, you wake up rejuvenated, fresh, and you have a positive start to the day.

You have the energy and drive to perform your daily activities. If you want to love yourself more, prioritize your sleep.  

4. Spend More Time Alone With Yourself

Spending time alone gives your brain time and space to breathe and process emotions.

10 Tips Everyone Should Know About How To Truly Love Yourself, And Who You Are.

Apart from sleeping, take a break from your daily activities to rest, relax and spend time with yourself. 

Resting and relaxing helps your body to rejuvenate and re-energize. 

Furthermore, when you spend more time with yourself, you pay attention to your body; you listen to what it tells you.  And you get to understand yourself more. 

Also, use this time to take a break from your phone, social media and emails.   

5. Learn To Forgive More 

Don’t hold grudges, with other people or with yourself. You have to learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes before you can let those wounds heal and love yourself more.

In order to help forgive yourself for past mistakes, look back, and try to learn something from the situation. Each senario for forgiveness is an opportunity for learning and personal growth.

A simple act of forgiveness will set you free and relieve you from the heavy burden of grudges.

Don’t underestimate the power of forgiveness. When you forgive yourself and others, your wounds start healing. This leads to acceptance.

Only when you forgive can you move on and get rid of the anger, frustrations, guilt, shame, or sadness.

Therefore, If you want to love yourself more, look within.

If you find some grudges you’re holding onto, learn from them and forgive. 

6. Exercise More

I just started exercising on a routine basis after not exercising for 10 years, and I feel greta!!

Exercise is simple, but KEY to loving yourself.

exercise to boost self love esteem 10 Tips Everyone Should Know About How To Truly Love Yourself, And Who You Are.

When you do physical activity, you trigger a chemical response in your brain.

One of the chemicals released is called DOPAMINE which can work wonders for improving your body image, self-esteem and overall mental health. 

Exercising also releases endorphins, which will positively impact the “happiness levels” in your brain.  

Endorphins make you feel good during your workout and afterwards, which is why so many people say that they get “addicted” to running or doing exercise.

People who exercise usually have more self-esteem and better mental health than those who don’t.

Exercise is an excellent way to “bio-hack” your brain into rewarding your positive decisions.

7. Practice Self Awareness

When you practice self-awareness, you start to understand and accept your personality and individuality. Once you accept who you are is when you begin to love yourself more. 

self awareness vs awareness 10 Tips Everyone Should Know About How To Truly Love Yourself, And Who You Are.

Practicing self-awareness involves observing your actions and decisions as though you were someone else. This helps you become aware of your body, lifestyle and environment. 

It also helps you be present in the moment. Self-awareness  enables you to see yourself for who you are and to accept it without judging yourself. 

Sometimes being self aware is a ‘tough pill to swallow’.

Self-awareness also helps you focus on your actions, thoughts, emotions and check whether you’re in alignment with reality, or not. 

Even if you’re not in alignment, don’t judge yourself. Manage your actions and follow the appropriate steps to get back on track. 

 Here are a few ways to practice self-awareness

  • Meditate and practice mindfulness
  • Write down your goals  
  • Reflect upon self
  • Talk to yourself and listen to yourself

8. Be More Gracious

Another simple way to love yourself more is by practicing gratitude.

show gratitude be gracious to love yourself more 10 Tips Everyone Should Know About How To Truly Love Yourself, And Who You Are.

A lot of people overlook gratitude. They are unaware of the magical power of gratitude.

Giving thanks leads to happiness. It leads to positive emotions, better health and relationships. And this leads to more self-love. 

The worst mistake you can make is waiting to give gratitude only when you win big.

Practicing gratitude can be as simple as writing yourself a thank you note It’s an act of self-love.

Be grateful for life, the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat. Gratitude helps you appreciate yourself more. That’s how you start to love yourself more.     

9. Practice a Hobby

No Patrick, Netflix is not a hobby.

10 Tips Everyone Should Know About How To Truly Love Yourself, And Who You Are.

If there’s one thing that slows you down towards achieving self-love, it’s stress.

But when you manage your stress, you start to love who you are more because you’re not worried and overthinking all the time.

A simple way to conquer stress is by practicing a hobby.  As simple as it sounds, a hobby boosts your confidence and self-esteem. 


By keeping you engaged and in the present moment, and relieving you from stress.

Your hobby should be something enjoyable and challenging, especially when you’re learning a new skill.

Furthermore, hobbies have been proven to lead to mental wellness and emotional well-being. They help you break off from your daily habits. 

We all have different hobbies. Whatever your hobby is, make sure it’s something that you enjoy. Do something that will help you connect more with yourself, your family, and your environment.  

10. Express Your Feelings

I hate talking about my feelings. But it also feels good on an emotional level.

express your feelings to love yourself more 10 Tips Everyone Should Know About How To Truly Love Yourself, And Who You Are.

Talking about your feelings doesn’t mean you’re weak.

This is a problem, especially if your culture has programmed you that expressing your feelings is a sign of weakness. Or if you think that strong people do not express their emotions. 

Don’t create scenarios in your head and let your emotions bottle up.Hoarding your feelings inside is a huge mistake. 

When you suppress your emotions, they start to consume and destroy you from the inside. This affects and worsens your mental health. 

Expressing yourself leads to emotional and mental wellness. When you are emotionally well, you can quickly love yourself more. 

Self-love and expressing your feelings also means that you talk to someone when you’re feeling down. Sharing is a form of therapy. It helps you get things off your chest. 

Remember, a problem once shared is half solved.

When you share, you release emotions and develop a rational mind, and you start to understand yourself better and love yourself more. 


Loving yourself more is achievable.

You can do it.

Apply the tips discussed in this article one at a time until they become part of your daily routine. Before you know it, you’ll start to see changes.

Learning to love yourself more is a marathon not a sprint. So don’t get discouraged, just keep at it.

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